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Honey Processing Line

Streamline your honey production with our comprehensive Honey Processing Line!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any details regarding this product. We can offer many attractive suggestions and solutions for integrating our facilities on your farm.

Honey Processing Line

Streamline your honey production with our comprehensive Honey Processing Line!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any details regarding this product. We can offer many attractive suggestions and solutions for integrating our facilities on your farm.


Unveil the full potential of your honey with our comprehensive Honey Processing Line! 

This industrial-grade set provides everything you need to efficiently manage honey, from decrystallization to bottling.

What's Included:
  • Barrel Heater/Heater Chamber (2 x 300 kg capacity): Gently decrystallize honey with this temperature-controlled chamber (30-55°C). Equipped with a heating element, fan, and thermostat for even heat distribution and optimal honey care.
  • Honey Pump (900 l/h): Effortlessly transfer honey with this powerful pump. Features a control panel for regulating speed and suction direction, along with lockable wheels for easy positioning.
  • Honey Filter (Vertical, 1000 mm): Achieve crystal-clear honey with this stainless-steel filter. Three separation filters with 4 chambers each ensure thorough filtration. Choose a version with or without heating depending on your needs.
  • Honey Tank (2000 liters): Store large quantities of honey (approximately 2800 kg) in this robust stainless-steel tank. The tank boasts a pointed bottom for complete draining, a lid, integrated heater, and homogenizer for consistent honey quality.
  • Automatic Bottling Line: Streamline your bottling process with this user-friendly line. Ideal for one-person operation, it features automatic jar stopping, filling capacities from 100 g to 1250 g, and a professional digital dispenser for precise dosing. The line includes rotating tables, a conveyor belt, and a dosing unit for synchronized operation – caps and labels are not included.
  • Scale (up to 500 kg, impact resistant): Accurately weigh honey with this heavy-duty scale, designed to withstand the demands of commercial use.
  • Effortless Decrystallization: Gently transform crystallized honey back into liquid form.
  • Efficient Honey Transfer: Quickly move honey with a powerful and easy-to-use pump.
  • Thorough Filtration: Achieve clean and clear honey with a multi-stage filtration system.
  • Large-Capacity Storage: Store significant honey volumes in a secure and hygienic environment.
  • Streamlined Bottling: Simplify your bottling process with a user-friendly, automated line.
  • Precise Measurement: Ensure accurate honey weighing with a reliable scale.

Invest in the Honey Processing Line and unlock a world of honey production efficiency!

1. Barrel heater / heater chamber
Honey Barrel Heater.
Technical specifications:
  • Capacity 2 barrels 300 kg.
  • Heater power 2 kW.
  • Power supply 220V / 50Hz.
  • Temperature regulation 30-55 °C.
  • Internal size (width / height / depth): 910x1210x1300mm.
  • External dimensions (width / height / depth) 1135x1290x1535mm.
  • The chamber is a device used for honey decrystallization, i.e. it changes the honey struc-ture from solid (so-called crystallized) to liquid. The device is equipped with a heating ele-ment and a fan, which allows better heat distribution inside the chamber. The thermostat protects the honey from overheating.
  • It is equipped with wheels.
  • At the bottom part it is designed brushes for air-moving.
  • In the top part there is an adjustable ventilation opening.
2. Honey pump

Technical specifications:

  • Suction pump for honey. Power 0,37 kW, maximum pumping power – 900 l / h (at 30 °C).

  • Powered by 230V, with rectifier.
  • The pump is equipped with lockable wheels.
  • Handle for handling.
  • It is equipped with a control panel, for speed regulation and the suction direction.

  • The pump must be started independently before use.
  • After using the pump, it must be cleaned so as not to block the rubber blades.
3. Honey filter, vertical, without heating, 1000 mm
Vertical honey filter without heating 1000mm

Technical specifications:

  • The vertical filter is used to filter the honey, which is extracted by centrifugation.

  • It is equipped with stainless steel filters, with different diameter holes that allow the filtration of honey.
  • Available in two versions – with and without heating.
  • Contains three separation filters with 4 chambers each.
  • There is a cover on the filter surface. Pour the unfiltered honey into the uncovered part.

  • Stainless steel manufactured for covering the food industry requirements.
  • The tap is made of stainless steel with a ball.
4. Honey tank 2000 liters

The tank is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 2000 liters (approximately 2800 kg of honey), with lid, heater and homogenizer (w854mp). The bottom is pointed for quick and complete draining. The tank is equipped with standing legs. The heating is regulated by control panel.

5. Automatic line for bottling honey
Automatic line for honey bottling.

Technical specifications:

  • The line is designed to be used by one person to control the filling process.
  • The jars transporting line stops automatically when they reach the filling position. The jars can be filled with a capacity of 100 g to 1250 g.
  • High efficiency for filling large jars.
  • Professional digital dispenser with dosage from 4 g to 8900 g.
  • The rotating tables, the conveyor belt and the dosing unit are connected for synchronization in the belt control panel.
  • Jars sensor.
  • The tables and the bar are adjusted depending on the jars that are dosed.
  • Receiving table and dosing table. The diameter of the table is 1000 mm and can stand at a standstill with about 30 jars.
  • The speed is adjustable depending on the filling speed.

* This line is not equipped with a device for placing caps and labels.

6. Scales

– up to 500 kg.

– impact resistant (from barrels).


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